Laufzeit des Franchise-Vertrages


Franchising (or dealership) is a long-term and continuous business relationship that is based on that the franchisee of a system and brand allows the independent investors to use the relevant system and brand within a definite period and bounds under reasonable conditions for a certain sum by consistently disciplining and supporting the management and organization of the business.

The most substantial elements of our industry are taste and presentation. We require any of our branches to comply with our standards on taste and presentation. You feel the privilege of being a Franchise of Simitçi Dünyası at any level from your application to the leaving of your customer from your store. Our training and development processes for you and your team enable your name and our name to be attributed to proper service quality.

One of the subjects that we are particular about is the educational level of the staff. In training panels of Simitçi Dünyası Academy held at our centers, we provide certified training sessions to both the managers and staff. Besides, intern programs are organized especially at our busy branches for the staff who will work at the new branches.

After joining our family, you'll be the ambassador of a franchise brand with the highest profit margins in the market. You can get our consultancy service in any subject including commercial and legal ones. We keep our stock management updated with our logistic support and we monitor the continuity of the standard taste using the systems at our Plant. Strong team of Simitçi Dünyası will support you at each stage of franchise process. Simitçi Dünyası will deliver your new branch including project, architecture, construction and supply, as turnkey.

You'll listen to the pleasure of your customers in working with a recognized brand with settled identity in corporate communication and advertising as well through their admirations. Our praised store concepts and campaigns always address the interest of our customers and influence them. We look forward to your joining to our Franchise network to use advantageous opportunities of Simitçi Dünyası and establish a profitable and delicious partnership.

As a member of Simitçi Dünyası, you will not only be your own boss, but also carry out the task of taste consultancy at the points of quality and prestige. The smile on the lips of our reputable customers who will discover the unique flavors with your contributions will motivate you. The greatest aim of our franchise system is to share the proper pride of spreading happiness and to collaborate on the path to success. Primary advantages of this profitable collaboration are as follows;

  • To benefit from the brand recognition
  • To own the product and service quality at international standards
  • To be included in the management system with proven success that reduces the investment risk
  • Range of products that has been diversified as a result of the R&D studies To provide periodical training to staff

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